1 / What level of training requires participation at the Morocco Swim Trek?

Here are five recommendations of our swimmer ambassador JACQUES TUSET for a better preparation and performance!

1- Never swim alone, even if you are in top physical condition. Please respect this rule during your whole training and every time you go swimming. Trouble can occur at any time, hypothermia, cramp, hunger, shock ...

2 - This SwimTrek requires qualities of endurance. You will swim over 5km every day and even for 10km. For some participants, it will represent more than 3 hours. So you have to prepare yourself ahead with sessions in the pool and sea of 1h30 to 2h each, 4-5 times a week. In the pool, this will allow you to gain a basic speed, endurance, technique and good support (feel free to ask advice to coaches to correct you), in the sea this will give you an idea of what is the environment in which you will be confronted: sea life, currents, weather ... (summer approaches, feel free to go to sea regularly). Concentrate on the free swimming style (crawl swimming)

3- Open water swimming requires a technique adapted to a discipline. Swimming without mastering its course forces you to do sometimes much more distance than expected. Learning to swim looking up forward on one arm stroke allows you to better keep on course. Never raise your head when you're in the trough of a wave, but rather do it always at the top of the wave to better distinguish the horizon. Train also to breath in the two sides in case of waves or strong crosswinds, you have to adapt and breathe the opposite side to avoid a few cups ...

4 - Participate in open water events between 5 and 10km before the Morocco SwimTrek so thatyou adjust your training accordingly. Getting in position is a very good training and you'll quickly learn the mistakes to avoid.

5 - Do not forget to protect yourself from the sun to avoid burns. To protect against irritation due to salts and repeated rubbing of swimming, do not forget to go to the milking grease, lanolin or Vaseline on the neck, armpits and between the legs (never on the shoulders ) Do not forget, always apply sun protection before the grease...

2 / How do I register?

Go online on www.moroccoswimtrek.com. Click on "Registration" then "online payment", book your stay, set it and complete the form without forgetting to provide all the required information. It is necessary to book and pay your stay to validate your registration. For clubs that want to validate the registration of a certain number of swimmers, it is possible to make a transfer. Thank you to contact us by email on www.moroccoswimtrek.com

3 / How to get to the place of the race?

The Morocco Swim Trek takes place in Dakhla, in MOROCCO. You must get there by plane making a stopover in Casablanca. You can find instructions on the site in the sub-heading "Access"of"Presentation".

4 / Do I take a personal insurance?

We recommend that you take a personal insurance for your entire stay.

5 / What is the dead-line for registration?

The dead-line for registration is the 14th of November, 2018.

5 / Does the registration's fees include the price of the airplane ticket?

No, it does not. You must book your tickets by yourself and pass through Mohamed V airport of Casablanca to get to Dakhla.