The MOROCCO SWIM TREK « Sahara Edition » is an international open-water swimming event for amateurs and professional swimmers. The event consists of 6 days immersion in the desert, between ocean and dunes of sand, with 4 heats of swimming, each one different.

The eighth edition will take place in the lagoon of the city of Dakhla in Morocco, from November 28th to December 3rd 2023.

« This year, this crazy and roving race totalizes a distance of 30 kilome-ters. »

Each day, participants will have to swim a different distance over a different stretch of water, from a new starting line.

The swimmers are free to wear wetsuits or not and may use goggles and swim caps. Participants may rub grease on their bodies (Vaseline, lanoline or milking grease) in order to protect themselves from the cold and irritation due to the salt.There will be a different ranking for swimmers with wetsuit and swimmers without wetsuit.

During the competition the swimmers will have to face the elements and will be confronted by natural forces: wind, currents and tides.

This challenge differs from any other swimming pool contest. You win not only because you’re faster than another competitor but also and mainly by completing the course and surpassing your own own performance.

Don’t forget that the real feat is to complete the course, even if that means taking twice as time as another competitor.

Regulations and aim of the competition: the swimmers will start at the same time and will complete the same course. This kind of event is organized on the basis of regulations, mainly governed by the rules of the International Amateur Swimming Federation.

The course will mainly follow a straight line: the swimmers will depart from one point and arrive at another.

Morocco Swim Trek

During the longest heat, they will keep close to the shore over the entire length of the course. The advantage of this kind of course is that it enables spectators to follow and encourage the swimmers throughout the heat.
The third heat called « The Pink Floyd Marathon » is on the most beautiful of the four heats. The swimmers will swim along the coast of Western Sahara for 10km.


Morocco Swim Trek

All the swimmers are expected to be in Dakhla on December 29th. The Morocco Swim Trek staff will take care of the airports transferts.

・ Welcome drink & Check-in
・ Check-in and handover of packs to participants
・ Overnight in the Dakhla Club Hotel

November 29th: HEAT 1 « DRAGON ISLAND » 6,5 km

Morocco Swim Trek

The first heat of the Morocco Swim Trek will start with a distance of 6,5 km.
The starting line is in front of Dakhla Club Hotel, where the participants have spent their first night. The arrival will be at the Dragon Island.

November 30th: HEAT 2 « THE PEARL OF DAKHLA » 8,5 km

Morocco Swim Trek

A new heat, with a different route.
The Morocco Swim Trek is a roving race, it means that the previous day’s finishing line becomes the starting line for the next day’s heat.
The swimmers will enjoy their second night under a berber tent, on the wonderful white dune. Overnight in bivouac Dune Blanche.

December 1st: HEAT 3 « PINK FLOYD MARATHON » 10 Km

Morocco Swim Trek

The symbolic third heat of the Morocco Swim Trek is the longest, the most beautiful and the most difficult of the event.
All the swimmers have to swim the distance of a swimming Marathon. 10km along the coast from the oyster camp until the Speed Spot. Pink floyds, dunes of sand, show worth to be seen! Transfert then to Dakhla Club Hotel

December 2nd: HEAT 4 « NOMAD SWIMMER » 5 Km

Morocco Swim Trek

For the last heat of 5km, the competitors will swim by the lagoon around Dakhla Club Hotel to complete this unusual contest 30km swim trek.
The celebrations can start with the awards ceremony.


Morocco Swim Trek

The event ends and all the participants leave.
The team will provide all the transfers to the airport and will assist them till the boarding.